I have a shop on Etsy, www.etsy.com/queenofsienna.  I sell antique and vintage items, specializing in antique silver plated wares.  Very early in 2014 I stumbled upon a new passion in antique silverplate…julep strainers.  They were relatively rare and varied.  And, to my eye, beautiful.  To think that many of these items were made in the late 1880s, survived wars, depressions, and Prohibition and still were functional and ready to be put to use today…amazing.  What stories they could tell.

Another one of my passions in silverplate is the nut pick.  Tiny little things they are, around 5 inches or smaller.  And they have all of the amazing detail of the antique patterns of the late 1800s shrunk into that small profile.  But, sadly, nut picks are infrequently used as nut picks today.  However, they are the perfect size to be used as a cocktail pick.  They look so beautiful in a martini glass.  I started using them at home this way and started offering them for sale in my shop suggesting this use.  And it has caught on!  Nut picks are coming out of the old silver cabinet and are being put to use again!

"Lorne" Pattern
“Lorne” Pattern

I have another WordPress blog, https://queenofsienna.wordpress.com and I use this blog to post my research on antiques, including julep and cocktail strainers.  But I wanted a separate blog to post and feature photos of many of the various julep strainers, cocktail strainers and bar spoons that I have sold or have listed to sell.

The images and posts featured in this blog are just that: strainers and bar spoons posted in the chronological order that I listed them in my Etsy shop.  My first bar related listing was the Yale olive spoon and bar spoons.  The photos display “Sold”, if in fact the item has sold.  You might find it strange to see a series of “Olive” pattern julep strainers, or multiple star julep strainers.  However, I did have a series of “Olive” pattern julep strainers and multiple star julep strainers and I wanted to document such, with the accompanying photo, for at least my own information.


Much more detailed posts are included in my https://queenofsienna.wordpress.com blog and I have links to those posts within the this blog where appropriate.

Nothing makes me happier than to find good homes for my antique strainers, bar spoons and nut picks!