Curran & Co. Grape Julep Strainer

Here is an antique silver plated julep strainer and matching nut pick as follows:

The julep strainer s marked “Curran & Co. A1” It also is marked. It measures just about 5 and 7/8 inches in length and the bowl measures approximately 2 and 3/4ths inches wide.

706988211 Curran Julep Strainer and Pick

It has grape leaves and a bunch of grapes on one side of the threaded handle. This is called the “Grape” pattern and was patented by Egbert W. Sperry on April 30, 1867. This pattern was made by Redfield & Rice in the late 1860s. Egbert Sperry worked for Redfield & Rice, however the patent was not assigned to them. I am uncertain if Curran & Co. actually made this strainer or if Redfield & Rice made it for them.

It appears J. F. Curran was in business from 1857 (I have seen an ad which states his business was established in 1857) to at least 1872.

Of interest, when Redfield & Rice went out of business in the early 1870s, Derby Silver Co. acquired their equipment and they also manufactured a julep strainer in this “Grape” pattern. The strainer holes, however, are not the same.

Also included is a nut pick in the same Grape pattern. The pick is unmarked as to manufacturer. This Grape pattern pick might have been made with one of the Redfield & Rice moulds by Derby Silver. Or it might have been made by Redfield & Rice at the point when they knew they were closing up shop and they didn’t stamp it ( my guess). I have also seen this pattern with a Taunton Silver Plate mark. It measures about 5 and 1/8 inches in length and is in excellent condition. The Grape pattern is on both sides of the handle. Nut picks make excellent cocktail picks. These two pieces look great together.

This julep strainer and pick are available for sale at my Etsy shop:


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