Grinsell & Bourne Ice Tongs 1871

Here are a pair of silver plated mechanical ice tongs and hammer marked “G & B” which was the mark of John Grinsell and Henry Bourne. It also has a British design registration “kite” mark which shows that this design was registered on February 3, 1871. The corresponding design registration number is 250090 and assigned to Grinsell & Bourne, located at 18 & 19 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. The registry showed the subject as “Ice Tongs and Hammer Combined in One Article”.
John Grinsell and Henry Bourne started in business in 1860 and continued until later in 1871, the year of this registration. Henry Bourne remained at the Ludgate Hill location and Joihn Grinsell went into business with his sons.

679135924 Grinsell & Bourne Ice Tongs & Hammer 1871
This combined hammer and tongs measure approximately 9 inches long. The lever and tongs operate smoothly and I imagine as intended. The tongs have a hammered finish and are claw shape. There is a wooden section which has a split on one side yet the wooden piece is still secure and not loose. Opposite the hammer is a threaded opening which I can only imagine was where an ice pick used to be. Obviously this design was well planned, allowing the pick to be replaced should it become damaged. I do have a photo of an image of another one of these which shows what I believe to be the original pick. If you’d like me to send you the photo, please let me know.

A multi-function mechanical bar tool dating back to 1871 is not easily found.

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