Well here is a utensil that you are not going to see every day! It is marked “D. R. P. 377621 N Alpacca” with an intriguing symbol above the “N”. Alpacca is the name for an alloy known as German silver or nickel silver. It measures just over 6 and 1/2 inches long.

692942349 Quirl 1923 Patent German SOLD


The 377621 number is a German patent number dating to 1923 (patent applied for in 1922). A copy of the patent is the background for my lead photo and the full patent image is my last photo. The patent application was made by Gian Andrea Peco, of Pegli, Genova, Italy. The patent was for a “Quirl”. The patent is in German and the only image I could find was a PDF so I had to try to translate it word by word. I did find that quirl is a type of whisk or twirling stick used for blending liquids. I did translate a couple of words to ” stir” and “foam”.

I was unable to discover who actually manufactured this quirl.

The curved rods freely swing back and forth as the handle is twirled between the palms of the hands making an almost hypnotic musical sound over and over…click, click…click, click. The round ball design at the end is decorative and also facilitates the twirling motion.

This is a well made tool. If you are looking to manually blend a drink, this is an unusual alternative to the swizzle stick or whisk. It can also be used as a musical instrument. Can you tell I like it?

Available for sale here at my Etsy shop:


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