Derby Silver Squirrel Nut Pick

Here is a silver plated nut pick in a design featuring a squirrel sitting on his haunches amidst flowers and leaves. This pick is not marked as to maker. This pattern was designed by Edwin L. Brittin of Derby, Connecticut. The patent was applied for on November 27, 1875 and the patent was obtained on December 14, 1875, Patent # 8846.

673321838 Derby Nut Pick Squirrel SOLD


Edwin Ludlow Brittin founded the Derby Silver Co. in 1872 or 1873. In the 1883 Derby Silver Company Catalogue this nut pick design was featured and called “Squirrel”.

This pattern is similar to Joseph Fradley’s ” Bouquet” pattern and if you are a collector of “Bouquet” this “Squirrel” pick would work well. I have eight more of these picks and if you are interested, please convo me.

Nut picks have other uses! They work well with canapes and marvelously in drinks substituting as olive picks, onion picks, lemon picks and cherry picks!

Please see my blog post “The Victorian Bar”

And to read more about this “Squirrel” design and Edwin Brittin, please see:

This pick is available for sale here at my Etsy shop:

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