Wonder Bar by Harris Dunn

Here is a novelty miniature wooden bar with chrome top, 6 cocktail picks and recipe booklet. The back of the chrome top is stamped “Harris Dunn Corp. Pat. No. 116459, Made in USA”. The base of the bar is 5 inches wide. The wood could possibly be Philippine mahogany.



The six cocktail picks are topped with different designs, one being a metal cocktail shaker and the other five are representations of liquor bottles. The bottles appear to be made of some sort of plastic, some say Bakelite. I believe they have actual paper labels, that remarkably are still intact. The labels are for different brands of liquor: John Haig Scotch, John Begg Scotch, Booths Old Tom Gin, Martini & Rossi Vermouth and Cusenier Freezomint Creme de Mint. The picks vary in length but average around 3 and 1/2 inches.

The little booklet contains sixteen recipes: Alexander, Manhattan, Gin Rickey, Daiquiri, Clover Club, Tom Collins, Dry Martini, Side Car, Bronx, Whiskey. Sour, Rum Collins, Bacardi, Pink Lady, Swizzle, Old Fashioned and Dubonnet. On the back of the booklet is ” Wonder Bar”.

D. W. Dunberg patented this design on September 5, 1939…see last photo for patent image. I believe Mr. Dunberg is the “Dunn” of Harris Dunn.

This item is available for sale here at my Etsy shop:


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