Cocktail Shaker Watch Fob

Here is a vest pocket watch chain with attached cocktail shaker fob. I am still researching this chain and fob and will update this listing if I discover more information. For right now, I’m describing it best as I can.

671644326 Cocktail Shaker Watch Fob Chain

The shaker is about 1 and 1/4 inches long and is a nice heavy weight. It looks like it might be made of brass and the sides of the shaker appear to be covered in brown leather. The top of the shaker unscrews, exposing a compartment within the shaker that could easily accommodate a pill or two.

At first I thought the lozenge shape sections of the chain were aged copper or bronze, but feeling them and listening to the sound they make when clicking them together I think they might be Bakelite or a variation thereof. They are not magnetic but the links between the segments are.

The T shaped bar is a pale golden color and is not magnetic. The clasp at the other end is not magnetic. The two elongated links that lead to the shaker, which have a silver hue, are not magnetic but the links between them are.

The entire length, including the shaker, is about 14 inches.

This is an interesting chain and fob and I know it must have a story to tell. Now I just have to find out what that story is!

This fob and chain are available for sale here at my Etsy shop:

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