Cross London Cocktail Shaker

Here is a vintage three piece cocktail shaker which I believe is silver or nickel silver plated. The bottom is marked “Cross London” with a lion image; this is a Mark Cross hallmark. All three pieces are stamped “46” as well. It measures just about 10 inches tall. Mark Cross is known for its high end leather goods but also offered china, silver, crystal and giftware lines.

664457848 Cross Cocktail Shaker SOLD


I am estimating this shaker dates to the 1930s but it could predate that, closer to that 1912 patent date.

The straining mechanism on this shaker is similar to that illustrated and described in W. G. Barker’s October 29, 1912 patent (see last photo) which was assigned to Sternau. The top cap slides into the spout. There is a triangular opening in the side of the cap and if you twist the cap so the little round protrusion on it is aligned with the side pour spout it is opened and ready to pour. If you twist the cap so the round protrusion is moved away from the spout, it is closed and ready to shake.

This shaker is available for sale here at my Etsy shop:

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