Quaker Silver Sterling Cocktail Stirrer

Here is a vintage Sterling silver martini / cocktail stirrer marked with Quaker Silver Co. hallmarks as well as ” Sterling ” and “S8”. It is 12 inches long and weighs 44.5 grams.



It has a round slightly concave bowl, hollow handle and stylised floral and graduated sphere finial.

Quaker Silver Company was founded in 1926 and was located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Belle Kogan was hired as a designer for the company in 1929, She was just starting her design career at the time and was highly thought of by James W. Jennings of Quaker Silver Co.. In 1931, Belle Kogan opened her own design studio in New York City and went on to become one of the first famous female industrial designers. In the mid 1930s Quaker Silver ceased manufacturing for several years. James Jennings reactived the company in 1939. It’s new location was North Attleborough, Mass. Although she had other clients and was designing in other mediums, Belle Kogan continued to design for Quaker Silver from 1939 into the 1950s. The company hallmarks on this stirrer were first used in September 1939 and were continued to be used by them until they were acquired by Gorham Manufacturing in 1959.

I do not know for certain if this stirrer was designed by Belle Kogan, but I believe it could likely be her design.

For more info on Quaker Silver and Belle Kogan, please read my blog post:

This stirrer is available for sale here at my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/656739596/quaker-silver-co-sterling-cocktail


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