VIKO Sip-a-Lunch Shaker

Here is a three piece aluminum cocktail shaker marked ” VIKO The Popular Aluminum Made in USA Trademark Registered “. It measures approximately 8 inches tall.

649320788 VIKO Sip A Lunch Shaker SOLD


In 1909 Koenig’s Aluminum Manufacturing Company and Vit’s Manitowoc Novelty Company merged with the New Jersey Aluminum Company of Newark to create the Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company, which was locally known as the “Goods”. You can read all about the history of this company here:

The last photo in my Etsy listing shows a VIKO ad from the July 1920 issue of ” Hardware and Metal/” showing a three piece shaker similar to this one on the upper right side of the ad.

The cap is embossed ” Sip-a-Lunch”. I could not find another shaker so marked or any information or advertisements regarding this “Sip-a-Lunch” shaker. Those who are (or were) fans of the two martini lunch might appreciate this shaker.

This shaker is available for sale here at my Etsy shop:

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