Manning Bowman Cocktail Shaker 1885

Here is an antique two piece cocktail shaker which I believe is silver plated. It is marked ” Manning Bowman & Co. Meriden, Conn”. It measures just under 10 inches tall. The cup is about 7 and 1/4 inches tall and 4 and 5/8 inches in diameter at the top. It holds 3 pints.



This two piece shaker has a central spout that slides up and down to allow for straining and pouring. However, this strainer is missing the strainer as illustrated and described in Michael Seips’ August 11, 1885 patent (324173) ( second photo in listing) assigned to Manning Bowman & Co of Meriden, CT. The round piece with straining holes running around the edge is missing in this strainer that I am listing. My fifth photo in the listing shows you what is inside this strainer, a round sawtooth piece. This piece is fixed to the top, it does not move, the sliding cap moves through it. I don’t know if the missing piece fitted onto this sawtooth piece ( which is not magnetic ) or if Manning Bowman was experimenting with a new straining mechanism or what. Mr. Seips indicated in his patent that his two piece shaker eliminated the need for a separate cap which could easily be misplaced or bent out of shape. Seips’ design created a sliding top that when in the up position exposed the straining holes; when in the down position sealed the holes and allowed for shaking of the contents without spilling a drop.

The only other example of this Manning Bowman shaker that I have been able to find is at the Museum of the City of New York (see last photo). Tiffany & Co. also offered this design for sale. Tiffany indicated on their shakers that the design was patented. (It was called ” Cocktail Mixer With Patent Strainer Top ” in their 1893 Blue Book). I don’t know if they entered into some sort of arrangement with Manning Bowman or if they waited for the Seips’ patent to expire and patented themselves…I have not found evidence of this.

The full patent can be found here:

Although this shaker is not functional, it is an unusual shaker based on a patent that doesn’t get acknowledged that often.

This shaker is available for sale here at my Etsy shop:

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