Lavin & Lauer Jigger Spoon

Here is a vintage jigger spoon combination marked ” Lavin & Lauer CO. N. Y. City Des. Pat. 84090 “. It is 10 inches long.

633544432 Lavin & Lauer Jigger Spoon

What is interesting, to me at least, is that the May 5, 1931 patent obtained by J. A. Lavin (see listing) calls this a ” bulk measuring device ” and the ” jigger” end is supposed to have a hinged cap or top. You can see a slight gap on the rim of the jigger where the hinge or point of connection for the top would have been…see listing. What was Lavin thinking? The patent description itself provides no answers. In a 1927 issue of Jewelers Circular, Lavin & Lauer called themselves “creators and importers of distinctive giftwares”. But, without the top, this certainly looks like a jigger spoon to me.

It holds one and one – half ounces.

This spoon is available here at my Etsy shop:

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