Curtisville Mfg. Bar Spoon

Here is a silver plated “Tipped” pattern bar spoon marked “Curtisville Mfg. Co. 55”. The first two letters in “Curtisville” are very faint and difficult to read. The spoon measures 5 inches in length. It has a “W” or “M” monogram in script. I believe the “55” signifies the date made, 1855.

631916526 Bar Spoon Curtisville Mfg.

Although the twisted handle bar spoon is most widely known, the “Tipped” pattern was also a well known bar spoon pattern in the 1800s. I’ve photographed this spoon on a page from the 1886 Meriden Britannia Catalog showing “Tipped” pattern bar spoons in both medium and small sizes.

The Curtisville Manufacturing Company, which produced German silver products, including flatware, hollowware and spectacles, was originally started by Frederick Curtis sometime in 1834 and was located in Hartford at 1 Asylum Street. About 1846 the company moved to Glastonbury. In 1848 Curtis officially went into partnership with his brother, Joseph S. Curtis and the comany was then called F. Curtis & Co. Around 1850 the plant was located on approximately 18 acres of land on Salmon Brook (Glastonbury, CT) The company was reorganized under the name of Curtisville Manufacturing Co. on September 18, 1854. By 1857 the area occupied by the factory was called Curtisville, with its own postmaster. Due to financial difficulties, much of the company’s machinery, tools etc. was auctioned off in 1858 and was insolvent before 1860.

Frederick Curtis was one of the earliest electroplaters in the United States. He was given an award in 1850 in New York City for his work with galvanic plate, the term used before electro plate and silver plate came along.

Of interest, J. B. Williams, of the famous J. B. Williams Soap Company, lived and worked in Glastonbury at this time in the 1850s. In 1870 he bought the Curtisville factory building and started his own silver company. Perhaps the “W” monograms stands for “Williams”?

I’ve written a blog about Williams and Curtis which you can find here:

This spoon is available here at my Etsy  shop:

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