Bridgeport Silver Julep Strainer

Here is an antique silver plated julep strainer that is marked “B. S. Co. A1”. This stands for Bridgeport Silver Co. and is a backstamp of Holmes & Edwards who advertised items with this mark being made of nickel silver metal with heavy silver plating. It measures approximately 5 and 3/4ths inches in length and the bowl measures approximately 2 and 3/4ths inches wide.

623193616 Bridgeport Julep Strainer

This strainer has a reverse bend handle meaning it is opposite to that commonly found on star julep strainers and those fancy design strainers. I have seen many clover strainers with these reverse bends with various backstamp but this is the first Bridgeport Silver Co. clover strainer that I have seen. The strainer holes are always round and the cut-outs are always a clover on these reverse bends. The clover cut-out on this strainer is smaller than commonly seen on other strainers. I believe these strainers were made for double straining and not primarily for pouring. Please read my blog which explains my reasons for reaching this conclusion

This strainer is available for sale here at my Etsy shop:

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