Kaempf Patent Jigger 1939

Here is a vintage roll over (a/k/a bottoms up, tipping) style jigger marked “Patent 115831” with a “17” below it. There is no maker’s mark.



This Patent No. 115831 for ” Measuring Container”, dated July 25, 1939, was obtained by H. B. Kaempf. I believe this was the first patent issued for this type of jigger. This jigger was offered and advertised as “Host” and “Hostess” jiggers with the “Hostess” jigger holding 1 ounce (offered in silverplate) and the “Host” holding 1 and 1/2 ounces ( offered in either sterling or silverplate). This, then, would be the “Host” jigger and I think it might be silver plated but not sure. It has a heavy weight to it. I don’t know who actually manufactured these “Host” / “Hostess” jiggers. I think Kaempf retailed it.

It measures approximately 5 and 7/8 inches across including handles. It holds one and one-half ounces when full.

The November 1939 Jewelers’ Circular had an ad stating “H. B. Kaempf Co., New York, has just introduced a new jigger type measure called the Host and Hostess….they eliminate spilling, and the possibility of staining your table top.”

To read more on the history of roll over jiggers, see my blog post

This jigger is available here at my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/631927757/roll-over-jigger-kaempf-patent-1939

2 thoughts on “Kaempf Patent Jigger 1939

  1. I recently found a 1 1/2 oz size “host” jigger, but I don’t know if I have the silver plated or sterling version because it isn’t stamped with anything other than the patent and the cup size.


    1. Hi! The sterling version would be marked with a “W” for Watrous Manufacturing “Sterling” and the patent number.


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