Old Fashioned Cherry Spoons

Here are two spoons marked “E.P.N.S.” on the back of the bowl (for electro plated nickle silver) and (Great Britain) on the handle. They measure just short of 4 inches in length.

624219785 Old Fashioned Cherry Spoons SOLD

They have a round red ball at the top of the handles which appear to be made of some sort of plastic resin. The bowls of the spoon have blunt or flat tips.

Similar type spoons were offered for sale by Brook’s Brothers, Von Lengerke & Antoine (a Chicago based retailer) and Abercrombie & Fitch. I have included a photo of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad that ran in a 1939 issue of New Yorker magazine. They call these spoons “Old Fashioned Cherry” spoons…silver plated spoons flattened at the bottom for crushing sugar with a red cherry handle. The original Old Fashioned cocktail was made with a lump of sugar with a dash of bitters on it, whiskey, maybe a touch of water and a piece of lemon peel. The drink was served in that same glass along with a spoon. The imbiber would use the spoon to completely dissolve the sugar. So they are muddlers. After Prohibition the recipe was modified to include a cherry and slice of orange which were muddled into the drink. These spoons were offered after Prohibition to be used with the new Old Fashioned, thus the cherry.

Many today have reverted back to the original Old Fashioned without the fruit.

I have seen similar spoons with “Made in England” instead of “Great Britain”. I have no idea who the actual manufacturer is.

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