Industria Agentina Jigger

Here is a vintage roll over (or bottoms up) style jigger with stepped detail. It is marked “Industria Argentina” (mark somewhat faint) but no indication of the material or maker. I am estimating this is circa 1950 but it could possibly be 20 years either side of that I would guess. As far as the metal, I’m not certain. I’m thinking it is silver plated with a lacquer coating. There appears to be dark areas of tarnish but because I suspect it is lacquered, I have not attempted to polish it.

594227714 Jigger Industria Argentina SOLD

It measures 5 inches across including handles (photo looks a little longer but it is an optical illusion). The top diameter of the cup is 2 inches, bottom 1 inch. It is about 1 and 5/8 inches high.

2 thoughts on “Industria Agentina Jigger

    1. Hi! I found this one (( now sold) on eBay but haven’t found another one since. I would suggest you keep looking on line… maybe another will turn up. It really is a handsome design. Good luck!


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