Lashar Strainer

Here is a piece of barware history. It is a silver plated cocktail strainer measuring approximately 5 and 1/2 inches in length and approximately 3 inches in diameter Including the coil. It is marked “Holmes & Edwards XIV” and “Lashar Pat. Apr. 16, ’07”.



The patent (No. 850,379) was obtained by T. B. Lashar of Bridgeport, CT. This strainer came along after the Lindley and Wright ” Hawthorne” coil type strainers.

Holmes & Edwards, also of Bridgeport, CT, manufactured this Lashar “Julep Strainer” as it was called in the patent.

Also included in my Etsy listing is a silver plated lemon knife ( as it was called in a 1907 ad) manufactured by Holmes & Edwards. It measures 8 and 1/2 inches long. The spine (top of the blade) is serrated. The blade has the Holmes & Edwards Maltese Cross trade mark which they obtained in 1888.

It is not often when you come across one of these original antique strainers.

This listing can be found here:

Please see my blog post which contains images of Lashar’s patent as well as information on other turn of the century cocktail strainers here:

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