Hawthorne Strainer

Here is a silverplated Hawthorne cocktail strainer marked “Manning, Bowman & Co., Pat. Oct. 11, – 1892” It measures approximately 6 and 7/8 inches in length and approximately 3 and 5/8ths inches in diameter.

Manning Bowman manufactured the original Hawthorne strainer for Dennis P. Sullivan who was the assignor to William Wright’s 1892 patent. The word “Hawthorne” is spelled out, along with a star, by the holes in the strainer. Mr. Sullivan owned the Hawthorne Cafe in Boston in the late 1800’s. This strainer does not have the D. P. Sullivan name on it.




There is a design on the handle which appears to be an abbreviated “Olive” pattern.

In his 1892 patent, William Wright mentioned that the wire ring was disconnected at its ends to leave a space so the coil could be removed for cleaning purposes. It is rare to find this strainer complete with the coil.

Please see my blog post on turn of the century cocktail strainers (including the Hawthorne strainer) here:

You can find this strainer here, at my Etsy shop:


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