Redlich Sterling Julep Strain

Here is a sterling silver julep strainer marked “Sterling” with the Redlich & Co. lion symbol above it. Redlich manufactured this strainer for retailer Bigelow Kennard & Co. of Boston; their mark is faintly visible on the back along with their inventory number 3255. These marks can be found on the back of the bowl near the handle. It measures approximately 6 and 7/16ths inches long. The bowl is not round, but oval, measuring 3 and 1/4ths inches long and 2 and 7/8ths inches wide. Weighs 59 grams. I estimate it dates to circa 1900.


A similar large julep strainer of this shape was included in L. Boardman’s catalog around the turn of the century and it was called the “giant” julep strainer in that catalog.

You might also find my blog post on The Victorian Bar interesting as well:

A rare beautty!

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