Yale Silver Co. Bar / Olive Spoon

Here is a silver plated bar spoon / olive spoon marked “Yale Silver Co. A1″. It measures 13 and 3/4 inches in length. At the end of the long twist shank is a slightly curved handle in the Sultana” or “Shell” patterm. The bowl shape is not the classic bar spoon shape with a wider tip but the twisted handle and aerating pierced bowl makes me think this must have been intended for bar use. The pierced holes might also indicate that it was used to strain olives from a large jar. The bowl is slightly tipped up not flat on the table. Its long 13 and 3/4 inch profile certainly makes a statement. 260179305-yale-silver-co-twist-bar-olive-spoon-13-75in-sold

The Yale Silver Co. mark is rare. From my limited research I am speculating that the Yale Silver Company is a brand of or made by Simpson, Hall, Miller & Company. Early in the 19th Century Hiram Yale had a business that Samuel Simpson apprenticed at for 15 years. Charles D. Yale was part owner and treasurer of Simpson Hall Miller & Co. His sons are listed in Berly’s Universal Electrical Directory of 1884, C. B. and G. S. Yale are listed as electroplaters at 36 E. 14th Street, New York. G. Selden Yale and his brother Charles B. Yale took position with Simpson Hall Miller in 1869 and remained employed there for 16 years. Selden was the manager of Simpson Hall Miller’s New York Office which just happened to be 36 E. 14th Street. Another coincidental tidbit of information is that both Simpson Hall Miller and Yale used a circular mark and the term quadruple plate on their holloware.


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