Delmonico Oyster Forks

Here are twelve silverplated oyster forks marked “1847 R. B. A1”. They measure 6 inches in length. The pattern is “Delmonico” which came in a limited line of oyster forks and coffee spoons. This photo was taken on a page from the 1886 Meriden Britannia catalog next to an illustration of this fork. 270354719-twelve-1847-rogers-bros-silver-plate-oyster-forks-delmonico-1886

That year, 1886, Meriden Britannia offered oyster forks in two tine and three tine styles in various patterns. This broader bowl three tine style was only offered in the Delmonico pattern.

Although called oyster forks in the 1886 catalog, these forks could be used as seafood cocktail forks or for olives or pickles.

It’s extremely hard to find this rare pattern these days.

I’ve written about oyster forks and their history in my blog

These forks can be found here at my Etsy shop:

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