Lindley’s Patent 1889

For sale is a piece of barware history. It is a silverplated cocktail strainer measuring 5 and 1/4 inches in length and approximately 3 and 1/8ths inches in diameter Including the coil. It is marked “Holmes & Edwards XIV” and “Lindley’s Pat. May 28, 89”.


Holmes & Edward's Lindley Strainer
Holmes & Edward’s Lindley Strainer

The patent was obtained by Charles P. Lindley of Bridgeport, CT. His patent for this coil type or wire ring strainer predates the famous “Hawthorne” type strainer, the patent for which was obtained by William Wright three years later in 1892.

Holmes & Edwards, also of Bridgeport, CT, manufactured this Lindley “Julep Strainer” as they called it in an 1899 advertisement (which you can see in the last photo). They mention in the ad that it is nickel silver with “special quality silver plate”.

Of note is the inclusion of “Lindley’s” next to the patent date. I have had only one other of these strainers and the “Lindley” name was not stamped on it. Also interesting is the mis-stamp by the hole in the handle…you can see it in the third photo to the left of the hole, the word “May” as if they were putting the patent date there.

This strainer has considerable surface wear and plate loss. I have polished it as it was so covered in grime and tarnish I couldn’t tell what the condition really was.

It is not often when you come across one of these.  If you are interested in this strainer, please see my Etsy shop listing here:

Please see my blog post which contains images of Lindley’s patent as well as information on other turn of the century cocktail strainers here:

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