Shown is an unusual cocktail strainer marked “Sefco Strainer Pat. App. For” and the letter “A” on the handle. Ths patent for this strainer was filed March 27, 1935 by E. B. Ekdahl, with Patent No. 2106453 issued on January 25, 1938. (See last photo). The patent was assigned to Sefco, Inc.

220509418 Sefco Strainer SOLD

Mr. Ekdahl stated in his patent application that his invention was easy to keep clean and thus sanitary. It was also easy to apply to the container and thus stable.

The strainer measures approximately 2 and 7/8ths inches in diameter. It was included in the C. T. Williamson catalog and they stated that it was stainless steel and chromium plated.

Looks like an ingenious design to me! And quite attractive with its clean art deco type lines. I’ve not seen another one of these. Certainly would work well with your martinis and juleps alike.

Please see my blog post on turn of the century cocktail strainers here:

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