The Heublein Hotel

Shown is a silver plated antique bar spoon in the Windsor Twist design. The spoon is marked with a star symbol and “Rogers & Bro. A1”. The front of the handle is engraved “The Heublein”. The spoon measures 8 inches in length.

218601366 Heublein Hotel bar spoon SOLD

This Windsor Twist bar spoon design appeared in the Rogers & Bro. catalog as early as 1882. However, this spoon was made for the well known Hartford, CT hotel, “The Heublein” which opened in 1891. Gilbert Heublein later went on to introduce the world to the famous Heublein Club Cocktail, a major advancement in that time.

In Victorian times, bar spoons were not just used to make a drink or cocktail; the drink was served with the spoon in it. The “Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Vol. 17, 1903 includes the following “Old Fashioned Cocktail” recipe:

“Crush in small bar glass one lump sugar, put in two dashes Schroeder’s bitters, piece twisted lemon peel, two or three small lumps of ice, one jigger whisky. Stir and serve with small bar spoon in glass.”

The bar spoon is not just a utensil or bar tool, it is a piece of flatware and essential to the Victorian bar. The twist handle design is for the aid in the stirring and blending of the contents of the drink as well.

This bar spoon is part of barware history and is still very functional.

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