Cecilware Strainer

Shown is a silverplated julep strainer marked “Cecilware”. It measures 6 and 3/8th inches in length and the bowl measures approximately 3 inches wide by 3 and 3/8ths inches long.

198037068 Cecilware Julep Strainer SOLD

“Cecileware” was founded in 1911 by the Cecil Brothers who manufactured foodservice equipment in Long Island City, New York. The following was taken from the March 1922 issue of “The Soda Fountain”:

“The Everware Silverware Line: The use of silverware at the fountain is growing each year, because silver service is very attractive and is economical when it is considered that the breakage is practically nothing as compared with glass. ‘It is surprising that the demand for fountain silver is so good at this time,’ said Mr. Cecil of the Cecil Manufacturing Co., of New York City, to a representative of this paper recently. ‘In other lines it is said that business is at a standstill during the present depression.’

” ‘However, the greatest demand for fountain silverware will come after the first hot spell, for fountain proprietors wait to purchase their equipment until the last moment,’ continued Mr. Cecil. ‘This year we expect to do a record business in our popular Everware Silverware and are making up stocks to meet the rush demand when the hot weather comes.’

“The Cecil Manufacturing Co. makes a very complete line of silverware most of it being made with an 18 per cent nickle-silver base with heavy silver plate. Everware Silverware is used by some of the largest fountains in the country.”

The ribbed pattern on the handle is similar to julep strainers manufactured by Napier, Gilchrist and Holmes & Tuttle. Even the placement of the holes in the bowl of this Cecilware strainer are the same as these other manufacturers. What makes this strainer unique is that there is a round cut-out in the handle; the other manufacturers have an acorn cut-out.

To read more on julep strainers in general and their use, please see my blog post “The Victorian Bar”:


This strainer has found a very good home.

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