Assorted Bar Spoons

These four Windsor Twist design bar spoons are of varying lengths from four different manufacturers.

179315569 4 bar spoons SOLD

The longest is 8 inches long and is marked H & T Mfg., for Holmes & Tuttle Manufacturing.  This long spoon was called a “Tom Collins” spoon in the 1886 Meriden Britannia catalog.

The second longest spoon is 7 inches long and is marked Hamilton Mfg. Co. which was only in operation from 1895 to 1902, then taken over by Benedict Manufacturing.

The next is 5 and 1/8 inches and is marked Victor S. Co. which is a backstamp of Derby Silver Co.

And the smallest is 4 and 3/4 inches and marked Crown Silver Co. which was a trademark of J. W. Johnson, and later American Silver and finally International Silver.

This interesting grouping of sizes and backstamps found its way to a good bartender.

To read about the history of the Tom Collins, please see my blog post here:

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