Yale Silver Co.

Shown in the photo are two silver plated bar spoons and an olive ladle marked “Yale Silver Co. A1”. The longer of the two bar spoons measures 6 and 3/4ths inches long and the other 5 and 3/4ths inches. They are in the classic “Windsor” pattern.

The olive ladle is 12 inches long and is in the “Sultana” or “Shell” pattern. I am not certain if this is actually an olive ladle….strainer…spoon…or what. It is an unusual shape, that’s for sure. I could find nothing similar in Noel Turner’s “American Silver Flatware”. I could see it being used in a large, deep olive jar to scoop out olives and drain the brine at the same time.

155467844 Yale Silver Co Bar Spoons Olive Ladle SOLD


 To read more about the Yale Silver Co., see my blog post https://queenofsienna.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/the-yale-mystery/

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